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Thinking about getting extensions but not quite sure what to expect? The beauty of extensions is that they are completely customized to you and your specific needs. Many of my guests ease into wearing extensions by just adding one row for added volume and thickness.

Disclaimer: 99% of clients who get 1 row the first time, want to do 2 rows the next time! They're that comfortable and easy too manage!


Expect quality over quantity

Hair extensions are a luxury service and a  investment, that's no secret, but a lot of that investment comes from the hair itself.


I always choose quality over quantity when it comes to the type of hair I offer to my guest for extension services. And I will not compromise cost for quality.

I promise to always deliver a premium service with only premium products.

What are Invisible Bead Extensions?


Invisible Bead Extensions are different than any other weft hair extension method on the market. The I.B.E. method is the only seamless weft method that creates no tension on the hair, has no exposed beads, and does not irritate the scalp in any way.  This method is perfect for anyone who loves a pony tail. It gives you the ability to wear your hair up on day 1 without any discomfort or damage to the hair. 


They are undetectable weather your hair is up or down.  I.B.E. does require some maintenance. We do not "tighten" or "move up" the weft but rather reinstall it fresh every 7-10 weeks. With I.B.E. the hair is reusable but a new set is recommended after 9 months.

Because I only uses top quality hair extension lines on all my applications this allows more longevity out of the hair for my guests .


One of the best parts about Invisible Bead Extensions is the comfort that my clients have wearing them.

I feel so much peace of mind knowing that as your stylist, I am giving you one of the safest extension methods on the market for your hair and scalp. My guests are amazed after getting their extensions how comfortable they really are to wear. ⁣

This is why I chose the Invisible Bead Extension method.

There’s so many other methods for hand tied extensions on the market. I'm personally certified in several methods, but after getting certified and with my continuing masters education with IBE learning all the tips and tricks to maintain the health of the scalp and hair, I'm certain my clients are receiving the very best extension experience available to them.  There’s so much detail that goes into the IBE method to ensure the clients scalp and hair is always kept 100% healthy with no pain or tension on your natural hair. ⁣

My #1 priority as your stylist is to only bring you only the Best of the Best  when it comes to your hair!⁣


What to expect

As my guest we will do a through 30 min in person consultation that will give me the opportunity to explain  all your options and how I can customize your extension experience to fit your lifestyle.

Custom color, haircut and styling so that your extensions blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

Receive a at home maintenance kit complete with instructions on how to care for your hair at home as well as recommended shampoo, conditioner, hair oil and brush and a complimentary moisture masque.